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Garage Door Weather Stripping

Seal your garage and enjoy warmer temperatures this winter with garage door weather stripping. Whether your garage is heated or not, weather stripping provides a number of benefits. Learn more about this component, and find out if you need professional repairs or installation services today.

What Is Weather Stripping?

A weather strip is a component that keeps your garage insulated. There are many different types of weather strips, but they all perform the same basic function. When your garage door is closed, there is still a slight gap around its perimeter. Even a slight gap can let a significant amount of heat escape from your garage.

Close your garage door, and check the bottom and sides. If you can feel a cool breeze coming into your garage, it’s time for a weather stripping service. Most garages already have a strip installed. Over time, this vinyl, steel or felt strip can erode, become loose or otherwise become ineffective.

What Are the Types of Garage Door Weather Stripping?

Any strip of material that seals off your garage when the door is shut is considered a weather strip. Here are the basic types of weather stripping available for most garage doors:

  • Beaded

  • Bulb

  • J-type

  • T-type

A beaded weather strip is used in double channel retainers. The sides of this strip bend upwards and are designed to fit inside a circular groove. It’s a useful design for preventing water from entering your garage. A bulb strip is a long round tube. When compressed, it can easily fit up against uneven flooring.

J-type stripping is a single channel retainer type. It’s used on the sides of a garage door and, when the door is closed, creates a shape that looks like two “J’s.” The T-type weather strip makes a similar design that looks like an inverted “T.”

Installing a weather strip is much more difficult than it looks. Without accurate cutting, measuring and installing procedures, you can easily leave air leaks around your garage door. Working around a heavy garage door and spring can be dangerous if you’re not careful. It’s best to leave this process to a trained professional.

What Are the Benefits, and How Is It Energy-Efficient?  

There are many pros and cons of each type of weather strip, but all of them provide similar benefits. Here are a few common advantages you can enjoy when you upgrade, repair or install a garage door weather strip:

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Comfortable garage temperatures

  • Reduced insects in your garage

  • Reduced water and moisture

A sealed garage door can prevent insects, water and cool air from entering your garage. If you have a heated garage, this small strip of insulation can significantly reduce your energy bills. Even an unheated garage will typically stay warmer throughout the winter with a reliable weather strip.

Want To Learn More About Your Garage Door Today?

In Asheville, North Carolina, Magnolia Garage Door Company is a leader in complete garage door services. Contact us online or give us a call at 828.989.7991 to receive a quote for weather stripping installation or repair services near you. Work with a professional to ensure long-lasting, effective installation of the best type of weather strip for your location and your garage door.

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