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How To Properly Clean Your Garage Door

Is your garage door looking dingy? Don’t let a dirty garage door cause your home to look shabby and affect your curb appeal. Garage door cleaning is a surprisingly easy process that you can do to care for your garage entrance and improve the look of your home. Learn more about garage door maintenance and when to contact a professional for care.

Collect the Tools You’ll Need

Be sure you have everything you need before you get started. Cleaning your garage door is similar to cleaning your car, so you probably have these items already in your garage:

  • Hose

  • Bucket

  • Soft rag or towel

  • Gentle detergent or dish soap

The most important thing to notice is the tools you don’t need. It’s not necessary to use window cleaner, harsh cleaners, bleach or a pressure washer to clean your garage door. Stubborn stains may require a mild solution of heavily diluted bleach, but otherwise a gentle detergent should be enough. Harsh cleaning routines can scrape off paint and otherwise damage your door.

Inspect Your Door

Carefully inspect your garage door before you get started. Look for any chipped paint, damaged weather stripping or issues with the spring and opener. If the paint on your door is chipping, it may be time to give it a fresh paint job to prevent rusting and other issues.

Your garage door should be able to open and close easily, but not close so forcefully that it could crush your foot or another object. If you’re worried about the closing and opening force, contact a professional. Adjusting a garage door opener can be tricky, and a heavy door is dangerous if it isn’t properly adjusted. A professional can quickly and efficiently adjust your garage door and ensure that it opens and closes safely and effectively.

Rinse and Wash Your Garage Door

Once you’ve inspected your door it’s time to wash it down. While the outside is probably the dirtier side, you can also clean up the inside using the same tips.

Simply rinse off the door and use a bucket, rag and soapy water to scrub your door. Don’t use a scrubber with any grit; a gentle, soft cloth should usually be enough to clean your door without scratching the paint. Hose it off after you’re done to wash away any suds and residues.

Allow It To Dry

After your door is completely dry, it’s time to inspect your work. There may have been dirt or dust hiding scratched paint or other issues. Check for any patches that aren't protected. It’s important to keep your door maintained, which may mean hiring a professional painter or garage door repair expert.

Learn More About Garage Door Maintenance Today

At Magnolia Garage Door Company, we proudly install, repair and service garage doors throughout Asheville, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. Contact us or give us a call at 828.989.7991 to receive a free estimate on any garage door repair service. Keep your door clean and maintained to enjoy an eye-catching exterior feature and a practical entrance to your garage.

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